My Bobbo Story – Hugh Jones

“Why not?”

Just one line - it was all it took for me to sign up for my very first Bobbo, back in 2015. 

You see, I’m a fanatic when it comes to transport on two wheels; whether it’s cycling or even the MotoGP.

At that time, my wife Connie was volunteering as a telephone counsellor with Lifeline, and when she heard about the ride, she knew it was the perfect fit for me.

So when she asked me if I wanted to join, it was all I could say: “why not?”

 As soon as we set out, I knew I was on to a winner – it’s a beautiful part of the world, and it was a privilege to share the ride with so many fellow cyclists. I felt completely safe, and the ride itself was stunning.

 But since then, being part of the Bobbo has meant much more than a scenic bike ride. I was already a little invested in Lifeline’s work through Connie, but getting to raise funds for mental health has been both incredibly rewarding – and surprisingly easy.

When I first asked my friends and colleagues to support me, I was overwhelmed by the response, to be totally honest. 

I had no idea just how many of them had been personally touched by the work that Lifeline does, either through loved ones or in darker times themselves. So many people were more than happy to help. The company I work for even provided my team with jerseys and matched my fundraising efforts dollar-for-dollar! 

Obviously, it’s such a positive feeling to support a cause that’s so important to so many people. But hand in hand with that is an awareness of just how massive a problem mental health is. I find that the biggest response comes when I remind people that Lifeline receives over a million calls every year – and they need our help to answer them all.

 For me, the response has given me confidence to continue fundraising for Lifeline year on year. I’m humbled to have been in the top 5 fundraisers since 2015, and I don’t have any plans to stop.  To anyone who’s feeling uncertain about asking their friends, family or colleagues, I’d say: don’t feel self-conscious, because you’ll be surprised at how many will already know the great work that Lifeline does. 

 Like me, I’m sure most riders join The Bobbo because it’s a brilliant event and a great day out. But it really is so much more than that –  and I hope every rider takes the opportunity to help make a difference while doing something they love.

Enjoy the ride!



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